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Wichita is the largest city in Kansas. It is located on the banks of the Arkansas River, and is also known as the “Air Capital of the World”. The real estate market in the city of Wichita has been steadily growing over the past years.

About Wichita:

  • This city is also known as “Cowtown”, since in the old times, it used to be a destination for cattle drives.
  • Wichita hosts numerous aircraft manufacturing companies. Some of these include Beechcraft, Stearman Aircraft, and Cessna. Aeronautic companies like Airbus and Textron Aviation have design and manufacturing facilities in the city of Wichita.
  • Around 67% of general aviation aircraft in the world is manufactured in Wichita.
  • Wichita is the birthplace of Pizza Hut and the White Castle chain of fast foods.
  • It is a regional center of culture, trade and media.
  • Climate in Wichita is of the humid subtropical type, and often experiences severe weather conditions. Thunderstorms are also quite common in the city. There is a risk from tornadoes as well. The coldest month is January and hottest is July.
  • Air quality and the pollution index both fare much better than the national average of the States.
  • It is the most populous city in the state of Kansas, and 48th most populous in the United States.
  • The principal industry in Wichita is manufacturing, closely followed by the health sector.

Best Wichita Neighborhoods to Settle in:

The following is a list of the neighborhoods in Wichita which have low crime rates, good home prices, and low unemployment rates.

  1. Crown Heights
  2. Longview
  3. Rockhurst
  4. College Hill
  5. Indian Hills Riverbend
  6. Westlink
  7. Delano Township.

Architecture in Wichita:

Wichita sees a manifestation of various architectural styles. A few prominent ones include the Romanesque, Victorian, Prairie Style, Shingle Style, Mission Revival Style architectures, among others. Some of the famous architectural marvels in Wichita are as follows.

B.H. Campbell House

Also known as the Campbell Castel, it is a classic example of Victorian era architecture.

Davis Administration Building

This famous building is designed on the lines of Romanesque architecture, a prominent style in medieval Europe, characterized by semi-circular arches.

Henry J. Allen House

This is a Prairie-style house in Wichita, and also known as the Allen-Lambe House, and Frank Lloyd Wright Allen House, having distinct influence of the Japanese architecture.

Hillside Cottage

It is a good example of Shingle-style architecture in Wichita, with expansive porches and sweeping roofs.

Real Estate Scenario in Wichita:

  • The median home price is Wichita is $185,834, which is considerably lower than the national average of $208,067. This makes Wichita a city with affordable housing options.
  • The median rent price in Wichita is $600.
  • The housing market in Wichita has one of the highest percentages of homes with high equity.
  • Homeowners in Wichita spend around 6.5% of their income on mortgage payments. This is once again quite low compared to the national average of 15%.
  • Interested real estate buyers can find good deals in the local distressed market.

Overall, Wichita makes for an affordable living with steady appreciation of real-estate property values. It has a good job market as well, making it a stable economy to thrive in as well.

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